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The presentation linked here gives details on our unique system.

A blank Property Management Agreement for Las Vegas may be obtained here.

A blank Property Management Agreement for Mesquite may be obtained here.

A blank Property Management Agreement for Reno may be obtained here.

Any investment needs a great property management system to safeguard it. We do FOUR THINGS no other management company does that we consider essential:

  • Four inspections the first year: Move -in Orientation, One Month Inspection (this is the most important!) and Semi-Annual Check-In’s every 6 months thereafter.

  • Rental applicants are required to send us pictures of their current home. Good quality tenants love this opportunity!

  • Our pool and landscape vendors log photos of their work for accountability!

  • We Advertise using 3-D interactive online home tours and professional photos of every property we manage!

In addition:

  • We assess the property for any repairs or improvements it may need.

  • We maintain the property and do repairs as needed to protect the home’s value. With some repairs, we will recommend improvements rather than fixes to maximize your money spent.

  • We pay bills associated with the property from rent, including property taxes, HOA fees, sewer and trash service fees, insurance cost, home warranty cost, pool service, and utilities during vacant periods. This keeps expenses on your statement for easy records.

  • We maintain a shared dropbox folder with your records, invoices, and complete photo

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